[DAY 10] Today is 201th day since I wrote at least one sentence every day in English. I gained confidence from this writing experience. I thought I couldn’t keep writing several sentences every day, however, I changed my mind. I’m sure that I can write 150 characters in my everyday routine. When I failed at this challenge in 40 days last year, because I didn’t start with just one sentence in every day. It is best way to create habit just to start as small as possible.

Also, I found that 150 character script take about one minute to read out loud. I can practice one-minute speeches as a challenge for a new routine. I am excited to experiment with this. Now, I am planning to write a book which has a table of contents, then I want to offer the correction of my writing to the Youngdok service.

It is good to know that I enjoy writing more than I thought. Recently, I made a friend through English writing. I expect that this relationship will give me inspiration. I’m happy to hear that I am a great writer from writing teacher Callie :). Thank you Callie!