[DAY 02] It’s really fun to break my limit. I have high self-esteem because of all the challenges I’ve faced so far. I have lots of curiosity in journey of life. I’ve always thought that I have to do all kinds of things as soon as possible. However, I realized I couldn’t do all these things as quickly as I expected. Since then, I have been able to find my own strategies. This means that weakness can also be your most powerful strength.

I’be always wanted to focus on my work. I need to create good habits in order to save time. I got inspired by different issues day after day. Time management makes people stiff. People don’t want a rigid life schedule. However, I want to say that creating a routine is not necessarily strict time management.

You can be lazier and have more free time. That’s why I love following my small daily routine which includes running, reading, writing, learning Spanish, and playing guitar. After creating small routines, my life became more relaxed than ever before.