[DAY 01] Lately, I’ve had an interest in books about habit and time management. Now, I can create a routine. I write at least one sentence every day. It’s hard to write a full article with my current schedule.

In the same way, I know that I can run 3km per day without any effort. However, I don’t think I can run 5 or 10km per day right away. It is a similar situation with my writing. I shouldn’t panic or be obsessed with speed. I should just make a habit and do each thing a little bit more. It also can say that getting out of comfort zone slightly.

Also, I found a video called Time-Block Planner by Cal Newport. Cal Newport is the author of a book called Deep work. It changed my mind about Daily Reports and Daily Journal. I always thought I didn’t have time for writing Daily Reports.

I thought I could do extra work instead of writing a Daily Report even though it only takes a second. However, that’s incorrect. Writing Daily Reports actually helps you get more things done. Cal said that you can get even more than twice as much done.