I need to collect sentences for improving my writing skill.

  • As Erickson saw it, the harshness of life makes most people turn inward.
  • To miss this information is to operate blindly, to invite misunderstanding, and to lose endless opportunities to influence people by not noticing the signs of what they…

I always want to find some tactic of life. I need perfect mentor and perfect strategy for me. However, I realized that it was too hard to find and maybe it doesn’t exist. I don’t want to give up finding my own strategy for life. I found that the first step is running and getting up early. Second is reading book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

We should be proactive in life. It related in emotion and view.

I have been interested in variety food. I love Chinese food especially dumplings called xiaolongbao and noodles called Chao-mien. I like Dduk-bbokki and Gamza-tang in Korean. I like Japanese food rice with grilled eel, Takoyaki, and Monjya-yaki. I like Tacos, all kinds of pasta and pizza, roast beef and so on. I am excited that there are lots of food I didn’t experience yet. I hope to taste all that foods in my entire life.

I have been interested in lots of things. Today I’ve almost forgotten my English speaking record and writing. I have been interested in reading books, that’s because I want to broaden my view. Also, I have been interested in learning languages, that’s because I want to know about the difference between other country’s culture directly.

I like stories that evoke my instincts. People love enjoying story without any thinking. People enjoy just for fun. However, story makes us find ourselves. If you love to watch something, you can figure out what you are interested in.

Story has strong power. Story makes information easy to remember. People alreay know what is right or wrong. Maybe they don’t want to accept, or they don’t want to know the truth. Or maybe there are no right or wrong from the beginning. That’s why people make story and gather each other.

Dear friend Ji-ho, thank you for giving me something to think deeply about. First of all, I think Miyazaki World by Susan Napier makes me think about whole Japanese storytelling from literature to animation they made. It is related to Japanese history and emotion.

I used to live in Tokyo when I was young from 2 to 9. I was always curious about the difference between Korean people and Japanese. This book gave me great insight into those questions I had. Maybe it is too difficult issues to talk in English for me. However, it helps me express my thinking briefly.

Also, I think Makoto Shinkai is the next generation of Japanese animation or not :). That’s why I don’t worry about the Japanese animation field.

I thank for Steve’s feedback. Actually it’s weird experience. We didn’t met before. He is one of the writer in Brunch Platform. One day, he push the like button on my article, and then I checked his brunch blog by chance. He got great and remarkable insight about learning English, also he is a English teacher in preschool. Maybe I can get another turning point for learning english. I am looking forward to come that day I have no difficult with speaking english.

I got some idea while I was running. Why cannot we sustain things that we want to create as habit? We get bored easily. That’s how our brains were made. However, kids are hard to get bored as easily as adults. That’s why kid repeat same joke or play all day long. Children learn new things faster than us because kids has no enough experience in life and everything is amazing to them.

On the other hand, we had lots of experience so far. We got some pattern from all these things. We can get gored easily because we knew similar pattern from it. That’s why we hard to create good habit, because we cannot stand to do something over and over. We know everyday routine is important, especially exercise such as running.

I like watching movies a lot. Movies make me experience variety of things. Books are same as well. I want to have various experience through books and movies. I can sympathize with the character’s in the stories. It enrich my sensibility.

Yeon Han

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